Planning your project

As your sports court can be a significant investment, it is important to consider a number of key factors when planning your court.

Items to consider are:

  • The purpose of your court – is it for a single sport, multiple sports or is your new court to be a multipurpose area? Will the court be for social play or competition play?
  • How much space do you have available on your property to construct your sports court? Will your proposed sports fit within the space available, or will they need to be modified to suit?  Will the available space allow for the court to be facing north / south to reduce the impact of the sun on play?
  • Are there any local government regulations concerning residential sports courts that you may need to consider? This may be of particular relevance if you are including lighting or fencing of your court, or if you are planning on building your court close to your property boundary.
  • What type of soil is on your site? It is essential that a geotechnical test is carried out on your soil. This report will provide details on the appropriate design of the court base, lighting and fencing.  Will this impact on your preferred base type?
  • What is your preferred surface type – and does it suit the proposed use of the court? Have you considered the maintenance requirements of your preferred surface type?
  • Will your court be fenced and do you require a particular style of fence for your court? Do you plan to include a hit up wall as part of your fence line?
  • Do you plan to use your court at night? If so, have you considered the types of light available and the ongoing costs?

There are numerous factors to consider when planning your new sports court.  The Team at Dynamic Sports Facilities will work with you to design and construct your dream court.

The Backyarder
The Weekender
The Entertainer
The Player
The Ultimate
The Keyway
The Mini 3 Pointer
The 3 Pointer
The Goal Circle
The Mini Netballer
The Netballer
The Wicket
The Futsal
The Volleyball
The Handball
The Chess

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Did you know that your court should be facing north south?, Did you know that it is important to get your soil tested prior to designing your court etc.
Your court should be facing North South to avoid playing into the sun
Your court slab should have a 1% fall to allow water run off
Sub surface drainage is paramount to ensure the integrity of your court base
It is important to get your soil tested so that your court can be designed to suit your soil type
It is important to check with your Local Council for any regulations regarding any boundary restrictions.
When building your court fence – it helps to keep the bottom rail 40mm off the surface to assist with court maintenance
If you are planning on including lights on your court – please check with your Local Council regarding restrictions which may apply
It is a good idea to keep fencing 40mm off the court surface for easy maintenance
It is important to consider the access your court builder will have to your property to construct your court
The court should be placed far enough from large trees that roots will not be an issue
A monthly court inspection is recommended to check for signs of surface blemishes