SMC2 – Covering your courts

To provide a better service to you, our clients, we have teamed up with an established European manufacturer (SMC2) of indoor sports halls and grandstands.

This partnership provides the ability for Dynamic Sports Facilities to work with sporting associations and councils to fully create a venue that can be used by all of the community no matter what the weather, day and night.

SMC2 specialises in the design and construction of innovative sport and leisure buildings.

Here are some sample SMC2 Projects.

Their constructive solutions mix a glulam timber structure and a UV-proof tensile membrane cover to provide a protective and comfortable space for year-round sport and leisure activities regardless of the weather.

Their structures are suitable for multiple sports including:

  • cricket
  • hockey
  • futsal
  • football
  • tennis
  • lawn bowls
  • skate parks
  • aquatic centres
  • gyms
  • and spectator grandstands.

SMC2, delivers tailored, sustainable and contemporary solutions from the conception phase to the construction of the new facilities.

Their aim is to create an ideal environment for sport and leisure thanks to the optimised management of natural light, thermal and acoustic comfort.

For more information about SMC2 please visit their website.