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PLAN your sports court

Let the team from Dynamic Sports Facilities become involved from the outset.

Our staff have a combined total experience of over 50 years in planning and creating sports facilities, from tennis courts to running tracks, we offer a full practical service, from design through to construction.  When planning the construction of your new court or the upgrading of your existing court, it is important to consider various elements including:

  • court location and direction (will the sun have an impact on playing during the day)
  • soil type (the soil type will determine the type of court base)
  • will the court be used for activities other than sport?
  • will the court be used by multiple users?
  • which sports would you like to include on your court?
  • are there any local council requirements that you may need to consider?
We will work with you to plan your court, from start to finish!


DESIGN your sports court

When designing your court, it is important to consider the final users of the court and which sports will be important to the family.  The DSF Team will work with you to develop the best design which will fit within your available space and will provide the best possible court to encourage your family to GET ACTIVE.

  • superior, multi-functional designs
  • customised to suit every need
  • low maintenance
  • indoor and outdoor
  • sporting facilities
…for both shared and private use
Our customised designs will complement your home, landscaping and outdoor environment.


CONSTRUCT your sports court

This is what we love!
There is nothing more satisfying than turning a backyard or a paddock into somewhere to play sport while creating an aesthetically pleasing feature that is befitting to the people who come to participate or admire the game.

…To break the first sod of soil and take great pride in the supervision and construction is what excites us!

We set a budget with the client, enter into a fixed priced contract and guarantee to construct your court to your satisfaction.

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Did you know that your court should be facing north south?, Did you know that it is important to get your soil tested prior to designing your court etc.
Your court should be facing North South to avoid playing into the sun
Your court slab should have a 1% fall to allow water run off
Sub surface drainage is paramount to ensure the integrity of your court base
It is important to get your soil tested so that your court can be designed to suit your soil type
It is important to check with your Local Council for any regulations regarding any boundary restrictions.
When building your court fence – it helps to keep the bottom rail 40mm off the surface to assist with court maintenance
If you are planning on including lights on your court – please check with your Local Council regarding restrictions which may apply
It is a good idea to keep fencing 40mm off the court surface for easy maintenance
It is important to consider the access your court builder will have to your property to construct your court
The court should be placed far enough from large trees that roots will not be an issue
A monthly court inspection is recommended to check for signs of surface blemishes