Residential Basketball

Bring It Home With DSFA

Bring your backyard basketball court dream to life with our range of residential sports courts. Combining world-class and adaptable designs, our range is the only way to go if you want the perfect home basketball court.


DSFA are your backyard basketball builders and maintenance team all rolled into one. Extending to every level of the court construction journey, DSFA does it all:


  • Advice on location, layout, and construction method set to your budget
  • Site planning, initial advice, and preparation of engineering plans
  • Site preparation and earthworks, concrete slab construction, or optional alternatives
  • Drainage, retaining walls, fencing, lighting
  • Acrylic & synthetic grass application and installation
  • Sports equipment supply and install
  • Service & maintenance programs

Court Options

Our range of surface types redefine the game, perfect for basketball, tennis, netball, multi-sport courts, athletics tracks, backyards, and any other surface your home may need.

Acrylic Basketball Court 

Build your world-class half court or full court acrylic basketball court with our range of premium sports court surfaces. From acrylic hard court to acrylic cushioned court surface solutions, the Gamestage range is the next level of play for basketball enthusiasts and athletes.

Explore our range of Acrylic basketball and netball court options, and plan your custom coloured court.

The Goal Circle is a compact acrylic hard court with a netball goal circle.

The Keyway features an acrylic hard court basketball keyway.

The 3 Pointer is the ultimate acrylic cushioned half basketball court.

The Mini Netballer is perfect for backyard athletes, featuring an acrylic hard court half netball court.

The Netballer features an acrylic hard court half netball court.

Ready To Play.

From the moment your basketball court is ready, you’re ready. DSFA go the extra mile to make sure you’re on the court as soon as possible. All equipment is provided by us, all you have to worry about is your opponent. Forget the basketball balls, hoops and nets, DSFA courts come ready to play.


DSFA has an extensive range of surfacing options to suit every type of sport, every type of player.

Explore our range of Acrylic and Synthetic court options, and plan a court surface fit for a pro.

Court looking a little worse for wear?




Let’s team up

Our team of expert sports court builders are just a message away from turning your sports facility dreams into a concrete plan. Let’s connect and get the ball rolling!

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