Plan The Perfect School Sports Court

The pros take no shortcuts to success. At DSFA, our school court construction process is no exception. Our experience building school sports courts and surfacing courtyards and playgrounds has equipped us with an unmatched expertise in what it takes to deliver playing surfaces that last for generations.


For many of us, school sports is where it all began. DSFA has worked with schools all over NSW to build new courts, and bring old ones back to life. Our expertise in court maintenance and resurfacing has seen us revitalise old school courts for the next generation. If it’s time for a brand new, state of the art court – DSFA can take you all the way. From site inspections to scoping. End-to-end project management to equipment. DSFA guides schools through the entire process to ensure the end result is the best in class.

All Sports For All Kids

DSFA have delivered every type of sports court you can dream of. From aesthetically excellent tennis courts, to sprawling netball meccas – the only boundaries are the ones we paint on the pitch. Our approach to design and delivery allows us to curate and customise the court to your needs and specifications.

The Multisport School Court: For many of our clients, the perfect school sports court is one that includes everything - basketball, tennis, netball, volleyball, pickleball, cricket and futsal in one epic arena.

The School Tennis Court: DSFA are your school tennis court builders and construction experts. From the design and civil engineering extending all the way to presentation and continuous maintenance, our court building process has been trialled and tested in every imaginable environment to ensure your school's sports area is world-class.

The School Basketball Court: Our court building process remains consistent with every project, ensuring each playground, halfcourt, and sports complex is world-class. We’ve been laying down school basketball courts for over 30 years, becoming the proven provider for schools across Australia.

The School Netball Court: Whether it's lunchtime or the national championships, DSFA will deliver the ultimate school netball court, everytime.

The School Cricket Pitch: DSFA are your school cricket pitch builders and specialists. Perfect your school's cricketing prowess with its own cricket pitch and batting cage.

Your School Can Do It All

Get in contact and build your school’s dream sports court. We build courts for all sports, of all kinds – futsal, cricket, netball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, playgrounds, courtyards, and anything else your school needs.


DSFA has an extensive range of surfacing options to suit every type of sport, every type of player.

Explore our range of Acrylic and Synthetic court options, and plan a court surface fit for a pro.

Court looking a little worse for wear?




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