Court resurfacing and maintenance

Court Looking A Little Worse For Wear?

As well as building new dynamic sports facilities, we also take old facilities and restore them… not only to their former glory but to a whole new level of finish, function and appearance!


Experienced in renovating old asphalt or concrete based courts and fields, which are cracked, split, and broken, the Dynamic Sports Facilities team uses the latest in state of the art resurfacing technology.

Restoration is often not as simple as replacing the synthetic grass or re-coating a hard court with an acrylic surface. Consideration must be given to the quality of the foundations and sub base – a very important factor, sometimes overlooked.

We will carry out an on-site inspection, make recommendations and develop specifications as to the full requirements needed to fully renew your court.

Sports Resurfacing

Over time, you may wish to refresh or upgrade your court surface.  An upgrade to a modern cushioned surface can improve player comfort or perhaps you just want to change the court colours for a fresh look.  Our team can assist with your court surface selection.  We are experienced in court surfacing and will re-surface your court to your satisfaction – guaranteed.


Drainage is also an area often overlooked. We can install and/or upgrade all types of drainage systems. For hardcourt areas, we can advise on the professional design of a system for the collection of stormwater runoff from the court to be reused elsewhere on your property.

Sports Court Maintenance

Maintenance is a very important factor affecting the overall durability and life-span of your sports court or facility.  Regular inspection of the sports facility and repair of minor problems is more cost effective than allowing your court to deteriorate to the point where major rectification is required.

On completion of our works we provide our customers with a handbook detailing all maintenance and cleaning requirements needed to keep your court in first class condition.

We also have specialist contractors experienced in this critical area who can assist with ongoing care and maintenance.


The DSFA team will work with you to design lighting to suit your court and local conditions. There are various lighting systems available, with LED lights becoming quite popular due to their reduced running costs and quality of light.

It is important to check with your local Council for any regulations concerning court lighting within your residential area.

Court Looking A Little Worse For Wear?

DSFA works with Australia’s leading fencing material manufacturers and suppliers to supply and install court fencing which is engineered and manufactured to meet Australian safety and quality standards.


  • We are up to date with the latest Australian Standards in court fencing and ensure all fencing that we supply and install meet these standards
  • We recommend that you check with your local Council to confirm the recommended height in your area
  • Your court fence can be a galvanised fence or a black powder-coated fence
  • Court fences can be designed to suit your requirements.


Dynamic Sports Facilities can work with you to install, repair or replace your sports court fence.


Check out our standard and creative court fencing options.

Standard Fences

Standard Fences

Raked Fence

Stepped Fence

Open Middle Fence

Standard Designer Fence

Raked Designer Fence

Stepped Designer Fence

Open Middle Designer Fence


A great job done by all, the areas/courtyards completed look fantastic. Thank you.

Residential Project, Bowral, NSW


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